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Our Winery


The winery sits on the grounds of a nineteenth-century farm. This farm was originally a dairy operation, so Gillis of Belleisle is continuing a long-standing tradition of working with the land.

The winery sits where the original farmhouse was and part of this beautiful building was converted into a cottage at the back of the property. We sit at the head of the Belleisle Bay, in a micro-climate which is ideal for the cultivation of grapes. The apple orchard – taste these fruits in our award-winning Apple Crisp wine – was planted in 1998, with the grapes following soon after. A five-year regeneration plan began in 2010 with the aim of replacing some of the more delicate vines with hardier ones, more sustainable in our winters.

The winery opened its doors in 2003 and has since gained a national reputation for its fine wines. Locally, it is known for its stunning locale, links with the local community, and friendly welcome.

We are open between 12 and 5 on Saturday and Sunday (during the summer), or by appointment. Please email or call us to arrange a tour.